Learning should be fun and rewarding for students. It’s tough to learn something new if you aren’t motivated. If you can’t see a significant payoff, what’s the point of working hard to master a new subject when there are so many other important things competing for your valuable time. Maybe you’re asking yourself just why should I make this subject a priority.

Teaching should be fun and rewarding for teachers. Teaching today has become more challenging. Not because the subject matter is more complicated, but because the modes of teaching have changed, and along with that the expectations students have on the teacher’s time hav increased tremendously. Asynchronous online classrooms, digitally distracted students, and multiple means of facilitating learning have placed an extraordinary burden on teachers. Add to that the competition for students among colleges and the burden placed on teachers to perform non-instructional functions has become discouraging at best and overwhelming in far too many cases. Full-time in the classroom and full-time online means no time left for the teacher to have a personal life and no time left to reflect on and meet the needs of individual students.

There are lots of resources online designed to help learners and teachers but these are mostly delivered too fast and without opportunities to reflect on and apply the important value of the subject. Or these resources are developed with a specific text or course and aren’t specifically applicable to another class. The lessons become easily forgotten and easily misunderstood. Most don’t provide an opportunity to develop mastery or to integrage relevant real-world applications. Designing and producing these kind of materials for online learners are time consuming and just more work piled on top of an overcrowded plate.

For the student Fitchburg Books resources provide that missing link that integrates lessons with real-world case studies for promoting understanding of complex information. To help both students and teachers, we produce bite-sized learning modules that can be used in multiple settings and with multiple texts. We integrate lessons with case-based actual events and news in order to both clarify and highlight the real-life application and relevance of the material in a lesson. You see the payoff for your career and your future.

For instructors, Fitchburg Books materials strengthen the connection between your course and students’ life goals by demonstrating the important real-world applications that increase learners’ success in their careers and personal lives. Their motivation increases. These instructional materials also enable instructors to increase the value of their time by acting as supplements that integrate easily into their courses and reinforce their lessons.